Do I have a VSC?

The only way to truly know if you have a Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC) is to have a trained chiropractor evaluate your spine. A chiropractor uses various methods to detect subluxations to be sure that you have one before we treat you. Typically, your spine will be examined by hand to check the alignment. This skill takes years of practice to master.

How do I get a VSC?

Any direct trauma to the spine can cause vertebrae to misalign and lead to subluxation. This can occur throughout our lives, starting when we are very young.  During our childhood and teenage years we fall much more often than an adult does. Our bodies are growing very fast and our brain is attempting to adapt to these anatomical changes, resulting in incoordination, falls and injuries. Participating in sports, lifting, standing or sitting improperly, motor vehicle accidents and other impacts to our bodies can cause damage.  Even chronic stress or repetitive strain injuries can cause our muscles to tighten and pull our vertebrae out of alignment.  Chiropractic has been shown to be an effective treatment to deal with the discomfort caused by vertebral subluxation complexes.

Dr Fred's Policy

Dr. Fred Wilson believes that chiropractic treatments should be thorough and comprehensive, therefore he will endeavour to correct any misalignments in the bones of the spine, legs, feet, arms, hands and jaw. It is amazing how interrelated the parts of your body are and how malfunction in a foot can translate up through the leg and hips into the spine and eventually result in chronic headaches. Factors such as stress, nutrition, exercise and stretching as well as posture and ergonomics of your workstation all have a bearing on your overall health. When the cause of the imbalance in your body is discovered and corrected the symptoms disappear. Try chiropractic to see how healthy you really can be.

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